Fun and wonder are essential for toddler titles. It’s like painting with words. And you can be as silly as you like. The key is to include phrases that toddlers can join in with and lay clues so that they can enjoy guessing what will happen next.


Huggle Buggle Bear is a playful story with lots of repetition and predictive text.


Baby Gold Stars use text prompts and die cuts in the pages to draw the reader through the book.



The challenge of writing for young readers is to engage them using a limited vocabulary, while introducing new words in a context that will help the reader make sense of them. The trick is to make it seem easy.


My First Bible Stories are simple retellings of favourite stories from the Old and New Testaments.


First Readers fairy tales support the National Curriculum offering guidance to parents reading at home with their children.



Language can sometimes get in the way of learning. Short sentences, active phrasing and familiar vocabulary are the best way to deliver intriguing information or data. Structure is vital too. Information only sticks if there is a framework to hang it on.


Look and Learn Stories are a gentle way to introduce younger children to the lives and habitats of animals in the wild.


Discovery Kids 3D Readers invites readers to look closely at fabulous photos while finding out the hows and whys of the natural world.